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® is only warranted through the Independent Distributor / Contractor that originally installed it.  Here in Northeastern Ohio, EverStone Floors, Inc, in Macedonia, Ohio, sells, installs and services EverStone flooring.

The length of the warranty depends on the installing Independent Distributor / Contractor and can range from 2 years, to Lifetime Transferrable.

All warranties are based on:


Consumer Needs

Substrate Condition

Maintenance Programs

Type and Use of Installation

Protective Coatings Applied

Please discuss any warranty concerns with your Independent Distributor / Contractor before signing any agreement, for an installation.

EASE OF REPAIR: While we don't like to think that things get damaged, it is a fact that we must accept. One of the advantages of using EverStone is the fact that it can be easily and successfully repaired. When there is movement in the substrate, even the concrete will occasionally shift and crack. When this happens, it is only natural to expect the stone work to crack as well. Fortunately, the stone can be repaired by simply filling the crack with more of the original stone. Since the stone is very small and multi-colored it is possible to make these repairs and virtually eliminate any sign of the original crack.

MAINTENANCE: Ultraviolet rays from the sun and wear from heavy use may sometimes fade the beautiful shiny finish. This too, is a minor situation which can be easily resolved with a simple roll coat of epoxy. The frequency of recoating is based upon the amount exposure and type of traffic the installation is subject too.

Stone and epoxy for repairs & reseals can be purchased here.

Please call the Independent Distributor, that you contracted with,
for their current pricing and frequency of application suggestions.


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